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          India customer come to inspect the whirling machine 2013-1-31 10:25:54
          CNC thread whirling machine manufacturing workshop 2013-1-31 10:24:35
          The Leader of City Municipal Organization come to our factory to guide party branch work 2012-6-5
          Leader of County party visiting our factory 2012-5-26
          The successful end of the 11th China (Hangzhou) International Industrial Fair 2012-5-17
          The 15th Jinan International Machine Tool Exhibition March 1, 2012 2012-3-7
          The sixth China Machinery and Equipment Exhibition (Wenzhou October 2011 21-23) 2011-10-21
          the Tenth China International Equipment Manufacturing exthibition 2011-9-16
          The 12th Western China International Equipment Manufacturing Exthibition 2011-3-17
          The sixth zhejiang (xiaoshan) industrial equipment machine exhibition 2010-10-10
          Japanese corporation YSK company visiting our factory 2010-4-27
          China equipment manufacturing industry international fair 【Img】 2010-4-17
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